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Jst Ginger is a South African based Design, Art and Architecture Company.The company was established in 2009 and registered in 2015. jst ginger focuses primarily on enlightening the youth about these industries giving them insight and knowledge about these industries we give the youth answers to any questions that they may have.
We discuss perceptions and find out their views about art, design and architecture as a career path. jst Ginger offers the youth a helping hand with the basics of what it takes to secure a career and future within one of these fields and the direction which one could embark on for further growth opportunities and development opportunities within their chosen career path we offer them help with thier future aspirations in doing so giving them the power to grow their skills and knowledge to be a future holder of such an opportunity to other young individuals such as themselves.

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jst Ginger targets young individuals and gives them insight on the importance and advantages which come with being computer literate and how vital it is to be computer literate at a young age giving themselves a major advantage for when they reach a school leaving age. We offer free training on the basics of computer usage and educate all interested learners on computer usage and the skills of how to browse the internet and other it related services. We at jst Ginger as a brand pride ourselves in the ability to meet and exceed our clients complex and unique design, art and architectural needs.
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  • What makes the business special?
    The main goal of our business is to grow computer literacy within developing communities. To work towards this goal and create our market awareness we will be running free computer training programs at the centre on certain days and at certain times to grow our customer's knowledge and understanding of the service we offer and how it will benefit them.
  • Free Training to first time computer users
    We will also be offering free training to first time users to get them to familiarize themselves to IT and all the benefits of Computer communications and its usage. Other factors that make our Brand stand out from other business will be firstly the business Brand image, service and quality of service which we provide.
  • Exceptional service and customer relations and quality of services
    We intend on creating an up market business which is known for its exceptional service and customer relations as well as for the quality of services which we will be providing for the consumer. Fast internet and updated workstations will make our customers keep choosing us over our competitors The Business will also be providing a range of design related services since we will also be specializing in Visual communications and these include Interior & Graphic Design as well as Architectural plan drawings.
  • The Vision and the people
    As the founding members of the business I intend on devoting all my knowledge and skills to the growth of the business I intend to use my acquired knowledge of computers and the internet to the advantage of the business always keeping up with new trends and software and hardware upgrades. As a young man growing up in a small township and being privileged enough to get background training and exposure to computers and the internet at a young age, I was able to see the lack of and need for computer and internet training and exposure within these small communities because in the world which we are living in at the moment with all the progressions in technology it is essential for one to have the basic knowledge of computers and how to use the internet.

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Jst Ginger Mission Statement

The main goal and purpose of the establishment is to grow the design art and architecture industries within developing communities thereby breeding young black future Designers, Artists and Architects.
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